The Magazine

November, 1893, Page: 17

Image Dimensions: 3 x 14.7 cms

Page Dimensions: 30.7 x 24.5 cms


Title: A fairy tale

Date: 1893

Inscription: 1 page of text with headpiece title, pen and ink, 3x14.7 cm. Part of 4 pages of text with 2 pen and ink illustrations.

Keywords: heroines; fairy tales; headpieces

Material: Pen and ink

Commentary: Following the theme of many fairy stories this is a tale of the triumph of good over evil. The heroine, typically, is high–born, good, beautiful and passive. Her one weakness is her desire for revenge on a beautiful gypsy maiden who, she mistakenly believes, has stolen her lover. This lapse places her in the power of two evil witches requiring her to be rescued by her lover to achieve the hoped for ending of a happy marriage.