The Magazine

Spring, 1896, Page: 45

Image Dimensions: 8 x 12.3 cms

Page Dimensions: 32 x 25.5 cms


Title: Silly Ophelia

Date: 1896

Inscription: 1 page of text with headpiece illustration by Jessie Keppie, pen and ink on paper, 8 x 12.3 cm, attached to page. Part of 5 pages of text.

Keywords: headpieces; heroines; flowers; women

Material: Pen and ink

Commentary: The essay continues the analysis of the state of mind of Ophelia – Shakespeare’s character who drowned herself when rejected by Hamlet –which was begun by Jane Keppie in the April number, 1894. In the title the essay’s anonymous author’s use of the term ‘silly’ should be taken in its archaic sense as referring to her helplessness, rather than in its modern usage of foolish. Jessie Keppie’s headpiece illustration uses the nasturtium, the same plant as the headpiece on p. 24, as its source.