The Magazine

November, 1893, Page: 25

Page Dimensions: 30.7 x 24.5 cms


Title: Round the studios, October 1893

Date: 1893

Inscription: 1 page of text. Part of 4 pages of text with 2 epigrams on p. 25

Keywords: exhibitions; reviews; epigrams

Material: Pen and ink

Commentary: The essay offers the only extant evidence of the work shown in the 1893 Glasgow School of Art Club exhibition, a year before the reviews in the Glasgow press of the 1894 show which saw the Glasgow Style first rise to public notice. Lucy Raeburn concentrates on the work of the major female contributors to The Magazine: the Macdonald sisters, Agnes Raeburn, Katharine Cameron, Jessie Keppie and Janet Aitken. Raeburn indicates that Frances Macdonald was already designing the emaciated figures and employing the unusual colour schemes for which she would become known from the mid–1890s onwards. Her work “Despair”, referred to in the text, is untraced. The concentration on flower–pieces is noteworthy. It was a core study for Glasgow School of Art design students, and women artists in particular.