The Magazine

November, 1893, Page: 31

Image Dimensions: 11 diameter cms

Page Dimensions: 30.7 x 24.5 cms


Title: [Untitled]

Date: 1893

Inscription: Drawing, pen and ink on paper, 11 cm diam. attached to page, inscribed centre “HERE ENDETH THE FIRST NUMBER / NOVEMBER: 1893”, signed bottom right “J.M. Aitken.” and inscribed below right “P.T.O. / Ed.”

Keywords: tailpieces; cats; mice

Material: Pen and ink

Commentary: Janet Aitken’s design of a cat chasing a large mouse is a fitting ‘tail–piece’. It is an example of the exercises in space filling, in this case employing a circle, which were part of the design curriculum of all schools of art in the second half of the nineteenth century.